Peace, Justice & Human Rights

PHL 397: The International Criminal Court and The Hague Tradition

Show me the $$$

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Your study abroad experience is an investment which numerous divisions within Central Michigan University support. To that end a number of scholarships are available from CMU. Further, because this course is 6 credits, there is eligibility for the usual federal financial aid. Lastly, a number of scholarships and grants from sources external to CMU are available.

A good 6 step process to help you begin - provided by the Office of Study Abroad - is
here. Look at that page, and then COME BACK to this page for more specific ideas of where you can get $ for this particular Hague program.

  • 1. Office of Study Abroad Scholarships ($500. Deadline for applying is March 1, 2016; Scholarship application information will be provided to you once you have met with your Study Abroad Advisor. For more information, please contact the Office of Study Abroad.)

  • 2. Honors Scholarship (Consult with University Honors Program for Details - deadline is usually Feb 20)

THIS is a partial list of scholarship sources. DO meet with Personnel from the Office of Study Abroad AND your department to begin your 'due diligence’.

TO REPEAT: this list of funding opportunities is not a complete list. Your specific major, class standing, GPA, ethnic background, etc. may make you eligible for other scholarships. Your job is to hunt these down. A good place to begin is with your own Department (meet with a your Department chair) and Academic College.

PLUS although scholarships are not listed "on the books", academic units will provide assistance in the form of "mini discretionary grants". Some students have raised several thousand dollars each in this way. Again, your job is to exert some effort and hunt down these opportunities. There have been students who have been so resourceful that they have found funds that have covered 100% of the program fee.

Further, if you are a
double major, or have, e.g., a major in political science and a minor in philosophy, you should absolutely consult with all departments in which you are enrolled in a degree program.

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